Why a Tankless Water Heater is A Great Home Renovation

tankless water heaters make sense with many home renovation

Have you thought about getting a tankless water heater? Many home renovation projects consider installing because they’re working on plumbing, and sometimes because it frees up needed space. A tankless water heater provides hot water non-stop too, large families don’t run out of water before everyone has had their morning shower.

But is all the hype really true? Some of it is, but other dialog about the tankless water heater appears to be more of a marketing campaign. Everyone wants to be green-friendly. 

Because this decision should last for any years, we’ve gathered some of the pros and cons of using a tankless... 

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Picking The Right Neighborhood for Your Family

cities also have choices so you can find the right neighborhood

When it comes to picking the right neighborhood, it really is a very personal decision. You might already know you’re a city dweller or with kids on the horizon, you believe it’s time to move to the suburbs for the schools and open space?

When you’re looking for the right neighborhood, you want to give yourself enough time because it’s important to consider all the different factors. It’s important to understand all the things that have influenced who you are. And this means what’s right for your best friend, might not be the best neighborhood for you and your family. 

Here are... 

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Open Concept Dining & Kitchen Renovation Ideas

kitchen renovation ideas when it

So you’ve got a kitchen, and you’ve got a dining room. But what you want is a larger, more spacious area that combines the two. That sounds easy enough, but there’s a bit more work needed before you hire a contractor and give him your kitchen renovation ideas.

Open-concept living was popularized in the 80s and 90s, and many home owners with older houses, still long for that roomy feel. Regardless of the architectural style of your home, you can likely have what you want. Most contractors can make the appropriate alterations to bring your vision to life. But before... 

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6 Hottest Outdoor Living Features

outdoor living features are gaining popularity

After a long winter indoors, everyone wants to rush outside and do what? That’s when it’s time to turn to the annual survey of landscape architects for the hottest outdoor living features. They are busy designing outdoor spaces all year long, so they’re able to rank the features that are popping up outdoors from traditional lighting and seating, to sinks, refrigerators and televisions.

The list in many ways could be describing another room or two inside your home, and there are even heating and cooling features to extend the usability of these outdoor spaces to more months of the year. It’s pretty... 

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Essential Power Tools for Women

women need to learn to use power tools so they can maintain their homes

Women need to take power into their own hands, and why not start with power tools?  

Men don’t have to be around to do general home maintenance when women are capable of doing it ourselves. Home improvement can be a daunting task, but with the right power tools most tasks can be taken on easily and efficiently … even in stilettos!

You do not need a man to hang that painting, fix the cupboard hinge or refurbish the front door. All women need is the right knowledge and equipment. A basic toolbox with essential hand tools and a few key power... 

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Refinishing Craigslist Cabinets, A Homeowner’s Story

Christina's kitchen with the refinished cabinets she found on Craigslist

Would you buy your kitchen from Craigslist? Cabinets and appliances, Christina and her husband found everything they needed on the popular web site. Some paint and elbow grease was all it took to create the kitchen of Christina’s dreams. 

Homeowner: Christina Project: Remodeling a Kitchen Using Craigslist Cabinets Budget: As little as possible.

Christina lives with her husband and three children on a farm on the edge of a town in Central Indiana. This is their first home and they picked it up for a good price in a foreclosure sale. They knew going in that they had major renovations ahead... 

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4 Low Maintenance Siding Options

fiber cement is a low maintenance siding material

Advances in building materials mean homeowners have more choices in low maintenance siding that needs minimal care. Siding is what protects your home from the elements – the hot sun, howling winds, water in many forms plus extreme temperature changes. We can’t change the weather but you can pick a siding material that requires less care and that’s important to busy homeowners today.

When selecting the right siding for your home, you’ll want to consider:

How does the siding suit the style of your house and neighborhood? How does the siding hold up to weather where you live, e.g. temperature, rain and humidity,... 

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Top 9 Exterior Home Maintenance Projects

exterior home maintenance projects including cleaning up fallen branches

It’s spring (almost) and that means it’s time to prioritize your exterior home maintenance projects and decide what you want to tackle this year. Admittedly you’ll want to complete more projects than time or budget will support, so it’s best to prioritize – start with safety in mind, then exterior home maintenance projects to keep water out and avoid water damage.  

Safety is your first priority. Assume the perspective of a visitor coming to your house for the first time. Can they find your house number easily, and at night? Once they park their car, is the path to the front... 

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Home Improvement Ideas that Boost Curb Appeal

home improvement ideas for curb appeal

Does your home inspire more yawns than smiles? Maybe your landscaping projects have been on the back-burner longer than you realized? It may be time to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. 

Curb appeal is about the overall beauty of your home to passersby, and to yourself when you pull into the drive. Sometimes small touches can make a big impact, and they don’t have to be outlandishly expensive. 

Here are 4 home improvement ideas to boost your curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Home Improvement Ideas: Tidy up the Drive

An unkept, or nonexistent, driveway drops your home’s curb appeal dramatically. But on the... 

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Closet Organization, A Homeowner’s Story

Closet Organization FAIL.

Closet organization is not something that comes easy to most teens, but Emily is a teenager who tries her best. When a home renovation project means more stuff than space to store it, she and her mom get to work expanding the storage space in her closet.

Homeowner: Emily Doody & Her Mom Jodi Project: Closet Reorganization Budget: $100.00

Fourteen year old Emily lives with her mom and two sisters in a small town in New Hampshire. The 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath colonial is the only home Emily has ever lived in.

Emily has her own room that is filled with books, clothes,... 

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