Colorful Ideas for Painting Kids Bedrooms

give kids bedrooms sizzle with paint

It’s time for the new school year to begin, and your kids rooms might be a little worse for the wear of a summer at home. Fortunately, a little paint goes a long way toward interior design in any space.

You could choose an interesting wall color and leave it at that, but there are so many ways to be creative in a kid’s room, regardless of their age. And the best part is that when you grow tired of it and want another new look, all it takes is another coat of paint. 

Here are some inspirational ideas to get you... 

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Are You an Aspiring Homeowner?

home owner statistics

You’ve been working for a few years. You’ve started to buy furniture and then the realization hits. You know that some day you’ll own a home with a formal dining room, and wonder how your new dining set will look in the house. You look around your room or apartment and start to look at it differently. If you’re like me, you start thinking about changes in lifestyle that owning a home will afford. What you dream about is very personal as we all have different wants and needs. For me it was the opportunity to have a dog again, and... 

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Unique Bathroom Sinks With a Waterfall

unique bathroom sinks might start with a fun waterfall faucet

The housing industry is changing. If you haven’t been watching, you might be surprised by the number of new products coming on the market … to entice us to update our kitchens, bathrooms and more. That’s because we’re not moving like we used to, so we’re remodeling. Bathrooms are getting bigger and fancier, and here are some really unique bathroom sinks that will simply amaze you.

Outdoor Waterfalls In a Bathroom – Why Not?

With a lot of focus on creating traditional rooms outdoors, like outdoor kitchens … it seems appropriate that we bring some of our favorite outdoor features indoors. When... 

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Homeowner Tips Busy Parents

mom picking up messy house

As a home owner with children, you assume your home has all the space your children need. Then why are there toys, sports equipment and more scattered everywhere? As a home owner and mother, it feels like homes are designed by and for adults, with an emphasis on visual appeal over function.

Tradition also rules as we still have elaborate front doors with closets and entryways when most people enter their homes through a side door. Rarely is there a second coat closet so you have to create alternative places for coats, boots, backpacks, etc. If you don’t have an easy... 

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Empty Nesters Enjoying Their Homes

empty nest family

As parents, you’ve worked hard to provide a loving and supportive environment for your children. Now your youngest child is graduating, congratulations! There are exciting (and scary) changes ahead for you and your child(ren). It’s time for them to leave the nest and take that next step into adult life. For you, there’s more time and money to fulfill the dreams you’ve put off for years. You now have time for travel, visiting old friends and engaging more fully in new hobbies.

You’ll want to take time to decide if you’re going to stay in your current home or relocate to... 

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Juggling Home Ownership as a Busy Professional

working mom

You’re proud of your professional accomplishments and don’t mind working extra hours if needed. You realize that the same project management skills you’ve developed at work are key to juggling your varied roles, from work to family and home ownership. Maybe you’re beginning to wonder when you’ll find more “me time” as there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. When we get overwhelmed, we tend to work harder and longer hours. Often this leaves us exhausted and we’re too tired to realize that something needs to change, that it’s time to “work smarter, not harder”.

When you buy a car,... 

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GFCIs, Smoke Detectors & Home Safety

use licensed electricians to keep your home safe

We spend more time at home than anywhere else, and yet few homeowners understand how houses are built and what’s required to keep them safe. After running a handyman business for 8 years, it’s hard to remember when or how I first learned about smoke detectors. 

Maybe I was lucky because my handy husband learned about home maintenance from his father, plus summer jobs painting his parents house and working for a roofing company? Or we’re both just curious and figured out which houses on our first home buying trip were fire traps because of crazy, exposed wiring? 

My life is a... 

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Smoke Detector, From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Everyone knows what a smoke detector looks like, or do you? They’re typically small, round, white disk shaped devices that are mounted on the ceiling. Smoke detectors work using several different approaches outlined on Wikipedia, with the goal to sound an alarm if smoke is detected. 

The alarm is used to alert family members, even if they’re sleeping, that there’s potentially a fire and therefore, they need to leave their home. Houses have been required to have smoke detectors since 9999, and the standards governing their use are part of the National Electrical Code in the US. 

Fires kill approximately 3,000 people, injure... 

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Building a House & Homeowner Allowances

building a house means picking your finishes

Building a house involves trade-offs. Many of the decisions you make are based on costs, and by creating a detailed list of product specifications, you make decisions on paper before you start spending money.

This approach worked for me when building our fourth home. My list four pages long, and developed by visiting homes under construction before the Internet. Here are a few of the trade-offs made to manage my budget, which allowed me to come in just five percent over budget.

Where the initial goal was to extend the house plans 4 feet, we cut this back to just 2 feet. With... 

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Exterior Paint a Great Home Improvement Idea

exterior paint jobs need prep for the perfect job

Fall is the time when most of us begin to roost; to settle in for winter and prepare for the holidays on the horizon. You might already have a fall maintenance or home improvement schedule, and that’s smart. If you’re undecided about your next project, exterior paint is worth considering as you’ll not only enhance your home’s curb appeal, you’ll also seal all the gaps that allow indoor air to move outdoors (or vice versa). (Read: Home Maintenance Strategies: Which One is Right for You?)

There are a few windows of time throughout the year where painting outdoors is ideal, and early... 

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