Adding a Three Season Porch

The Three Season Porch in Progress

A three season porch would be a much better use of space for Jeanne Seaquist and her husband David than the existing open deck. They had no idea when the started the project, just how long it would take to complete. Challenges with permitting and communication issues with the contractor delayed the project, but in the end, they’ll have a beautiful room they can enjoy with family and friends. 

Homeowner: Jeanne Seaquist Project: Adding a Three Season Porch Budget: Around $50,000

Jeanne and her husband David live in a suburb of Boston in a ranch home built in the 1950’s. The house... 

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Building a Bedroom Privacy Wall

Tricia Boucher constructed a privacy wall to divide her childrens' room.

Building a bedroom privacy wall made it possible for Tricia Boucher’s two tween children to each have their own room.

Building a bedroom privacy wall over a vacation week with her husband also made it possible for her to save almost $2,000. 

Homeowner: Tricia Boucher Project:Building a bedroom privacy wallBudget:Under $600

When Is It Time for a Bedroom Privacy Wall?

Tricia lives outside Concord, New Hampshire in a two bedroom, two-and-a-half bath townhouse condominium. She and her husband, along with their infant daughter moved in not long after it was built in 2005. To make the transition to the new house easier for her daughter,... 

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Buy Local on Small Business Saturday

shopping small business saturday helps build strong communities

Thanksgiving, or the day after, marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. During the first few days we’re driven to take advantage of sales (see Mashable photo story showing shoppers back to the early 1900s). Shopping starts on Black Friday and competes with Cyber Monday sales online. In 2010, American Express initiated Small Business Saturday, to encourage shoppers to shop at small, local businesses.

Market Square & Small Business Saturday

Think about your town — the center of town is often called market square. Market Square in Portsmouth, NH (upper left above) has been the economic and commercial center since the mid-1700s... 

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Remodeling and Using Decorative Molding

decorative molding enhances walls & ceilings

Molding isn’t a word that everyone is familiar with. When I talk to homeowners about their remodeling projects, we focus on the flow of the new space we’re creating along with the finishes they want.They’ve often picked out lighting fixtures, have a good idea about the flooring they want and maybe they know paint colors. As the room design takes shape, I explain how decorative molding can give a room more personality. 

What my clients like is they don’t have to pick the type of decorative molding they want up front. They have the opportunity to wait until we’re pretty... 

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Versatile Guest Bed With Fun Options

People love people, which means we find ourselves hosting friends and family who will stay overnight at our house. The challenge is where will your guests sleep, in order to have more guests and extended visits. We’re all familiar with trundle beds, folding beds, sofa beds, inflatable mattresses and sometimes we ask our guests to sleep on a sofa. So today’s Friday Find is an incredible guest bed, like none you’ve seen before. 

An Incredible Guest Bed You Could Not Imagine

Nicknamed the snail bed because of how it looks when open, this guest bed is so easy to open and close,... 

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Should You Keep What You Have, or Buy New Appliances?

household appliances keep getting more efficient

If you’re worried about whether your range can handle all of the holiday cooking and whether your refrigerator will have room for the leftovers, you might be thinking about new appliances. It’s not as much of a splurge as it might seem, making major purchases just before the holidays arrive. They’ll help you get through them better, and you can find some great deals this time of year. 

Here are some signals for knowing whether it’s time to replace your appliances and getting the best deal that you can.

New Appliances Signal #1: Ranges that Aren’t So Hot

Your range is the heart... 

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Floor to Ceiling

bathroom ideas for showers include rain shower heads

Bathrooms didn’t change much for many years. You picked out the basics – vanity with a countertop, sink and faucet. Then there was the toilet, bathtub and probably the bathroom feature that changed most was the standalone shower versus the combination bathtub – shower. For years remodeling a bathroom meant changing the vanity, flooring and shower (or bathtub) surround. But with Houzz, Pinterest and so many people sharing bathroom remodeling ideas online, the choices for bathrooms today are … endless.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Start with Why?

Maybe you’re wondering why you need to update your bathroom? Alright, no... 

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Home Ideas for Extra Seating at the Dinner Table

slipcovers is one of those great home ideas, to coordinate mismatched chairs when company arrives

The holidays bring a lot of preparation, and you’ll need some clever home ideas to get you through this hectic time of year. You’ll decorate, plan for meals, and serve feasts to family and perhaps friends. But one problem with special dinners is the need for extra seating. 

If you have guests visiting for Thanksgiving dinner, but don’t have enough dining table chairs for everyone, take heart. You don’t have to resort to unattractive folding chairs or a mismatched group that looks less than planned. 

Here are some ideas for additional seating that will complement your table instead of detracting from it:


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Tablescapes Bring Nature Indoor

Design by V (Valerie) Jorgensen Design, Wells ME

Tablescapes are one of my favorite activities during the holidays. There are so many wonderful opportunities to get new ideas for how to decorate your table, and the best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Now before you start saying you’re not hosting any dinner parties this year, the tablescapes you’ll see here and everywhere, aren’t just for the holidays or your dining table.

You can use ideas from tablescapes to decorate your fireplace mantel, coffee table and even your bathroom vanities. It’s fun adding a... 

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Creative Hanging Shoe Storage You’ll Love

more secure hanging shoe storage but it's deeper than just crown molding on the wall

You love your shoes but you only get to wear one pair at a time. If you’ve got a great shoe collection, you’ve probably have most of your shoes in boxes all over your bedroom, even multiple rooms. It’s hard to find just the shoes you want, and you don’t get to enjoy them as much as you’d like. That’s why this inexpensive, hanging shoe storage might be perfect for your closet, or even a wall in your bedroom so you can enjoy your favorite shoes every single day!

So we’re going to walk you... 

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