A DIY Bathroom Project Revisited

Jessica lives with her family in western Idaho. She loves home remodeling projects; the fantasizing, the planning, the shopping, the lists, crossing tasks off as they are completed and of course, the final project. Her husband? Meh, not so much. In fact, he truly hates DIY projects. One thing they both like, however, is the lower cost of doing the labor themselves, so you might say they’ve become serial remodelers.

DIY Bathroom Project

Five years ago, Jessica was coping with a difficult pregnancy when the fiberglass tub in the hall bathroom cracked. At the time, this was the only functioning bathroom in... 

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Backyard Lighting for Relaxing Nights

fun backyard lighting when you want something different

We’re spending more time outdoors, and that usual involves adding features for the activities you want to enjoy in your backyard. Outdoor kitchens are popular along with more creative furniture for eating and entertaining. If you’re going to spend time outdoors, you’ll also need lighting. Here is this week’s Fabulous Friday Find, backyard lighting that’s unexpected. 

Backyard Lighting That Creates a Mood

So how do you feel when you look at this photo? Imagine you had to work late, or maybe you finally got the kids into bed. If this is what you saw in your backyard, wouldn’t you want... 

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Dreaming About Wall Coverings For a New House

wall coverings can be as simple as curtains

For many years, the choices in wall coverings have been easy – paint, wall paper or  paneling. Most people stop at picking paint colors and some homeowners love wallpaper, using it for borders, an accent wall and several rooms. Luxury homes use wood paneling but that’s not an option for most homeowners. In recent years, the choices in wall coverings has exploded, starting with homes designed by decorators … with many of their ideas flowing into new products for any homeowner.  

Challenges When Picking Wall Coverings 

With paint, once you’ve picked your color and finish (Read Picking Paint Finishes), you... 

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Redecorating for Your New Life

redecorating to enjoy hobbies at home

There’s no need to let empty nest syndrome make you blue. Kids grow up and start their own lives — that’s the natural order of things. And that’s also when you can start a whole new phase of your own life, when you have the freedom to start redecorating your home for you.

For years, redecorating meant considering the best way to incorporate your children’s needs along with your own; now that they’re out enjoying life as young adults, you can take on projects that you’ve always wanted to do.

Think about the clever ideas you’ve seen in magazines, on... 

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Decorating Ideas From Hotel to Home

decorating ideas can start with what you use in a room, and build a theme around that

We’re all unique in how we decorate our homes, including where we get our ideas and … whether we buy or make most of the things in our homes. Being a blogger means carrying my camera everywhere. These photos and decorating ideas are a great example of the ideas you can find in unusual places. Taking photos is a great way to save money, as your photos become your souvenirs and they’re much easier to carry home, store and enjoy for many years. 

Today I’m sharing photos of the hotel hallways at Verve-Sheraton Crowne Plaza in Natick, MA, along with their... 

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A Drinkable Book Cleans Water & Saves Lives

straws filter & create clean drinking water

In the US we have clean water and water shortages are our challenge. For example, the New York Times wrote that “… Arizona could be forced to cut water deliveries to its two largest cities unless states that tap the dwindling Colorado River find ways to reduce water consumption. Forecasts that Lake Mead, a Colorado River reservoir that is the network’s sole water source, will fall next month (July 2014) to a level not seen since the lake was first filled in 1938.”

The US government has introduced a new program, WaterSense to help Americans reduce water. This is similar to the more familiar... 

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Moving Across Country Means Many Things

we'll be leaving the ocean behind when we move to Fountain Hills AZ

Moving across country involves many changes. My surprise is having moved across country so many times, I thought it would be easy and it’s not. The challenge isn’t buying the house as we’ve bought and sold more than 10 houses. It’s more about the change in weather, landscape and views and ultimately lifestyle changes.

You see we’re moving to our retirement home and I’ll be honest, it’s scary to think this might be our last home. Another thing that’s different is our new location isn’t related to a new job, although we picked New Hampshire (closer to where the boys were... 

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More Than a Cooler, It’s A Kitchen on Wheels

more than a cooler, it's a kitchen on wheels

It’s on wheels, it packs it’s own power and includes more gadgets than any other cooler you’ve seen. Maybe it’s a kitchen on wheels?

21st Century Cooler Gets It’s Start on Kickstarter

This Kickstarter project is absolutely amazing, for many reasons. So what is Kickstarter? It’s a website where people like you and I can share our creative ideas and invite people to make contribute financially to the development of projects big and small. Creators introduce their products and offer incentives to backers from t-shirts, to the actual product and over-the-top awards. Click to check out the different award levels being offered by... 

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Storage Tips to Reduce Kids Clutter

storage tips

Clutter just seems to happen, and with kids there’s even more clutter. One day it’s a shoe under an ottoman, and the next it’s handful of crayons left on the dining room table. Before you know it, finding anything is a challenge. But a few storage tips can help you get your kids involved in keeping house clutter under control.

Kids can be clutter magnets. With the toys and school gear, not to mention socks and other clothing items, it’s hard to keep everything put away. That’s why you need a plan to reduce the clutter, and keep it... 

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Lifestyle Choices & Home Ownership


If home ownership is something you’ve dreamed about for years, it’s worth thinking about the lifestyle changes it will require before you take the plunge. Home ownership means you take on the role of landlord, and fixing problems takes time as well as money. So you’ll want to consider how much time owning a house will take and whether you’re willing to adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Your home is your retreat from the world, or at least it should be. That means you don’t want to sign up for more work that you have time to handle comfortably as... 

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