Tips for Using a Space Heater the Right Way

here's Dyson's contemporary heater & fan for cooling

What makes a home cozy? Is it the furnishings and textiles or how they’re arranged? Partly. But it’s also warmth, that which you see, and also what you feel. Most homes rely on some type of heating system through colder months, but sometimes a central system just isn’t enough. And that’s when it’s time to consider getting a space heater. 

Small heaters are intended for use as supplemental heat. They warm chilly spots by windows and doors, and give a little boost to areas that just can’t seem to warm up otherwise. They may also be used to lower overall heating... 

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4 Beautiful Ideas for a Lighted Walkway

lighting walkway has many creative choices

Twilight comes earlier this time of year, and homes throughout your neighborhood probably come to life near dark with illuminated paths. You can have your own lighted walkway with traditional Malibu lights, which are very simple to install. Or you can do something unexpected — something different that will set your home apart from others in the neighborhood. 

Lights make walkways safer, and they can also be an attractive feature that highlights your home year-round. Here are 4 slightly different ideas to get your creativity going and if you’re going to do it yourself, check out these tips for designing your... 

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Finding a Realtor When You’re Ready to Buy a House

finding a realtor makes it easier to find the right house

Buying a house is getting more complicated for lots of reasons. You might know the type of house you want and even the neighborhood where you’d like to live. But there’s a lot more involved in buying a house, like understanding where earthquake faults run (California) to ownership and access to arroyos (Arizona). That’s why you need to take your time finding a Realtor®, someone who has the knowledge and experience dealing with all the other factors affecting the purchase of your new home. 

With our recent home purchase in Fountain Hills, Arizona, our real estate agent Kathy Ammon helped with many... 

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Is it Time to Rethink Your Halloween Decorations?

Halloween decorations are also fall & Thanksgiving decorations

Do your Halloween decorations consist of a few strands of fake spider webs and a Jack o’ lantern by the front door? Don’t be afraid to have some fun this season. Transforming your home into a creepy spectacle is easier than you might think. And with a few alterations, you can use many of the same decorations through Thanksgiving. 

The big spending season doesn’t begin on Black Friday. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend a whopping $7.4 billion on Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy this year. If you want to join in the fun and give your home... 

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Friday Find, a Foldable Desk to Take Anywhere

can you tell this classroom is using foldable desk

Have you heard of Kick Starter? You’re in for a treat if this is your first foray into new products being introduced through crowd funding. What’s that you’re asking. Inventors have the ability to showcase new products, and we get to vote for the ones we love by pledging money towards the project. This weeks Friday Find is a kick starter project, the Refold portable, foldable desk that you can sit or stand at.

So why would anyone want a desk made of cardboard? And why do I care about a foldable desk? It only took me a few minutes to... 

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Do You Need Basement Insulation?

rigid foam panels are one form of basement insulation

Winter can be especially cold in any basement, finished or otherwise. So with fall still in the air, now is the time to make this part of your home warmer and much more comfortable. Basement insulation helps make the floor above the basement feel warmer, and sealing drafts helps, too.  

Before Old Man Winter arrives and settles in with all of his frigid baggage, give some attention to the lowest level of your home. Your heating bills will thank you, and so will your family. 

Basement Insulation Includes Sealing Air Leaks 

Air leaks or drafts can make a basement feel chilly. These... 

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Replacement Windows Bigger & Better

when you get replacement windows, you can change the style or add clerestory windows like these arched ones

The replacement window industry is huge. Haven’t you received post cards and even a phone call about upgrading your roofing, windows and siding? Last week I got one of these phone calls and my home is less than 10 years old. In this article we’ll illustrate some of the ways you can reconfigure your windows. If you’re going to invest in replacement windows, why not increase the amount of natural sunlight coming into your home?

Benefits of Bigger Windows

Do you feel like some of the rooms in your house are too dark? Have you got great views outside your home and... 

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5 Tips for Utility Savings Without Sacrificing Comfort This Winter

programmable thermostats help with utility savings

Are you already bracing for the chill that’s to come, and fretting about soaring costs to heat your home? Wintertime brings a lot of wonderful things, but expensive heating isn’t one of them. Fortunately, you can make a few modest changes and enjoy utility savings without wearing a sweater indoors until spring. 

Whether your home is brand new or it’s been around for 50 years or longer, you can make living there more comfortable. There are many new energy saving products available to help you keep your energy use down, and with cold air outside as the temperature drops, there are... 

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What to Expect from an HVAC Maintenance Tuneup

hvac maintenance tuneup will make lower your heating costs

Different homes use different methods for heat, but all heating systems have one need in common. An HVAC maintenance service call at the beginning of the season can help the unit perform better. It can also keep your family safer, and extend the unit’s life. Replacing a furnace, heat pump, or boiler costs thousands, so the price of a service call is small by comparison.

Servicing your heating system can also help reduce your utility bills. When it’s in good working order, your heating system doesn’t work as hard and it uses fuel more efficiently. 

Having a technician come to your home... 

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Collecting Habits Are Changing with Digital Collections

collecting antique furniture creates memories & useful furniture

Can you remember the first thing you collected as a child? After earning the privilege of my own bedroom, I started collecting funky, inexpensive hats and used them to decorate my room. They didn’t travel to college with me and when I graduated, I’d forgotten about them. When I settled into my first apartment, I collected small potted plants and to this day, I won’t buy African violets because I can’t get them to bloom.

Fast forward many years and I’m starting to pack for a move from NH to Arizona. We’re going to become... 

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