Latest Bathroom Trends to Relax & Enjoy

Bathrooms are getting larger; showers are getting larger & open with glass wallsBathrooms are getting bigger as we spend more time there, relaxing at the end of a busy day. Larger, glass enclosed showers, soaking tubs and steam baths are just a few of the latest bathroom trends for busy homeowners.

When you spend more time in your bathroom, that means you’ll need features to store more gadgets and don’t forget a refrigerator to keep some cool drinks on hand. Wondering how you’ll relax? Flat screen TVs are becoming a popular bathroom item along with sound systems so you don’t get bored while soaking or enjoying a brisk shower. Whether you want an in-home spa or work-out gym, check these features out.

Large, Spacious Showers

Bathrooms are getting larger and so are showers, to create the feeling that you’re at a spa. Stall showers are out and glass is immensely popular with hinged glass doors to create lots of visual space. Homeowners are spending more time at home and want luxury in their bathrooms where they’re spending more time.

To achieve this look, full and partial shower walls are coming down and some homeowners are adopting the European tradition of turning the entire tile bathroom into a shower. These shower rooms need careful implementation to drain properly with a floor that slopes to a central drain.

While you might be tempted to get rid of the bathtub you never use, you should consider it’s importance when selling the house. If your home has 3 or more bedrooms, then you need at least 1 bathtub for children. It might be acceptable to remove a bathtub in the master bathroom but only if you have a tub in a second, shared bathroom.

Soaking Tubs

When have time for a relaxing bath, you’re really soaking and might not enjoy the noise of the Jacuzzi jets. Soaking tubs are an old tradition starting with hot mineral springs. They’re deeper than traditional bathtubs and often insulated to retain heat. These tubs are not surrounded by decking like sunken tubs in the ’80s and ’90s, which proved challenging when entering and leaving the tub.

Steam Baths and Saunas

Another spa feature moving into the home is the steam bath or sauna, which offers another way to relax and release the day’s stress. This type of investment is significant so you’ll want to take time planning this bathroom feature and a good book is Hot Tubs, Saunas & Steam Baths: A Guide to Planning and Designing your Home Health Spa

Bathroom Entertainment Features

Flat screen TVs are becoming a popular bathroom feature, so you can soak and be entertained at the same time. Sound systems and small, beverage size refrigerators offer the opportunity to remain cocooned for longer. You can even get speakers in the shower now with Kohler’s sound tile speakers. What will they think of next?

Doors on the Water Closet

When you’re spending more time in the bathroom, and sharing it with someone else, placing the toilet in a separate room makes a lot of sense. You may be able to move the toilet or at least add a wall for privacy, with a door if there’s enough room for it to open and close without impacting movement in the room.

Smart Storage

The traditional medicine cabinet is still around with added features like electrical outlets for an electric toothbrush, shaver or curling iron. Bathroom storage is different than most other rooms where you have lots of small items so small drawers with dividers are popular. Storage can be built into the walls and vertical storage towers are becoming popular, starting at the counter top and going up, making things easy to reach. The best storage solutions help organize things while hiding the clutter when not in use.

Heat in Unexpected Places

Heated towel racks are a nice treat when stepping out of the soaking tub. Even better is radiant electric heat in the floors with a thermostat on the wall. You’ll find many more heated bathroom accessories at, including fogless mirrors and heated toilet seats.

Green Bathroom Products

As homeowners focus on green homes, there’s a lot of interest in on-demand water heaters. First you’ll want to make sure your heated floor is on a timer to prevent wasting energy. There are low-flow toilets to reduce water use and newer hot water heaters work almost instantaneously, providing more efficient hot water when it’s needed.

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