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Creative Hanging Shoe Storage You’ll Love

more secure hanging shoe storage but it's deeper than just crown molding on the wall

You love your shoes but you only get to wear one pair at a time. If you’ve got a great shoe collection, you’ve probably have most of your shoes in boxes all over your bedroom, even multiple rooms. It’s hard to find just the shoes you want, and you don’t get to enjoy them as much as you’d like. That’s why this inexpensive, hanging shoe storage might be perfect for your closet, or even a wall in your bedroom so you can enjoy your favorite shoes every single day!

So we’re going to walk you... 

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Think About Built-Ins for a Clutter-Free Home

built-ins let you use all the available space vs furniture

Wintertime comes with bursts of activity, but also a lot of downtime. There’s planning and decorating for holidays and entertaining. There’s also plenty of time for reading, playing games, making crafts, and other indoor activities. With so much time spent inside, it’s easy for clutter to stack up. But with built-ins, you can keep your home looking clutter-free. 

Built-ins can be custom made, and that’s the most expensive route to go. But they can also be born of stock cabinetry, to save a lot of money. With the right trim, stock cabinets look like they were designed and built just for... 

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Shelving that’s Beautiful and Functional

adding shelving between wall studs offers more storage & display space

With so much tradition about the type of furniture to use in each room, it’s good that the new trend to reuse what’s old is helping us think outside the box. So before you start searching for new shelving, it’s worth shopping your home because the ideal solution might be right under your nose.

You don’t need to use prefabricated shelf units, book cases, or any other shelves that come in a box. With a little imagination, you can design and create something nicer, more interesting, and much sturdier than anything you could buy. And the more possessions you own, the more... 

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Time for a Makeover? Mudroom Organization Ideas

great mudroom organization makes it easy to store & find things

One of our best home improvement tips is creating a mudroom in your home. Even a small house with very little space might have a spot near the front or back door for a bench and a couple of hooks. With more space, a mudroom can be as elaborate as your imagination. The real value is with good mudroom organization, everyday gets easier.(Read: Family Mudrooms for Great Family Communication.)

Mudrooms let you stow all of your everyday essentials as you walk in the door, before they have a chance to clutter up tables, chairs, and even the floor in other rooms.... 

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A Family Calendar Helps Avoid Confusion

involve your kids in creating the family calendar

With the beginning of a new school year, it takes time to pull together a new family calendar. One parent usually pulls everything together, and let’s be honest and acknowledge it’s mostly mothers juggling the calendar to make sure everyone gets where they need to be each day. It’s also important to make sure there’s still time for family dinners every (learn why the family dinner is so important).

My boys are grown now but I’ll always remember the challenge of sorting out the family calendar through the first month of each school year. Thankfully the school schedule is pretty stable. It’s the after... 

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Storage Tips to Reduce Kids Clutter

storage tips

Clutter just seems to happen, and with kids there’s even more clutter. One day it’s a shoe under an ottoman, and the next it’s handful of crayons left on the dining room table. Before you know it, finding anything is a challenge. But a few storage tips can help you get your kids involved in keeping house clutter under control.

Kids can be clutter magnets. With the toys and school gear, not to mention socks and other clothing items, it’s hard to keep everything put away. That’s why you need a plan to reduce the clutter, and keep it... 

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Yard Sales Are Great for Clearing the Clutter

clothes should be hung up for easy viewing & a ladder works perfectly for this

There are lots of reasons to have a yard sale, and for many it’s an annual event. Spring seems to be the most popular time of year for yard sales. We’re doing spring cleaning and what better time to clear the clutter and get organized. So why do you want to have a yard sale?

You can raise money, and it’s a great way for kids to learn the value of money. Your church or other group you belong to is doing a fund raiser, and invited you to participate. You want to get rid of things you’re not using … and while spring is popular,... 

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5 Tools for Garage Organization

keep garage organization under control with this rolling garden tool organizer

The garage is one of the places you toss stuff when company is about to arrive. And once out of sight, you often forget what’s missing … proving you probably didn’t need the stuff anyways. That’s why it’s a good idea to include cleaning out your garage as part of your spring cleaning. When you clean out the garage, you also want to look for better garage organization to avoid future clutter.

So let’s start out looking at what people tend to keep in their garage, and then we’ll share some of the new products coming out to help with garage... 

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Stop Buying Water Bottles – A Friday Find

new water bottles offer fruit infusion

When we buy more stuff, we need more space in our homes. That’s why everyone wants more storage space. But the simple truth is you’ll keep buying stuff like water bottles to fill the space unless you change your buying habits. And we’re bombarded with so much advertising, that it’s difficult to ignore it, so we continue to buy … 

So let’s talk a really simple product like bottled water and check out alternatives to buying all these bottles. Or maybe we should look at the reasons why we should stop buying cases of bottled water, that we have to carry... 

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9 Ideas for Bookcases, Bookshelves & Books

bookcases can have a hidden door behind them, to a secret room, stairs or ... you never know

When is the last time you went to the library or bought a book? There are days when I get scared people will forget what books look and feel like, and they won’t have bookshelves in their homes, or old fashion printed books on paper that you hold in your hands. Don’t think that will happen?

Think about today’s kids who don’t recognize the phones we used a few years ago, you know … the ones that sat on the desk, hung on the wall or phone booths? In my handyman business, I watched homes add cell phones and now that... 

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