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Closet Organization, A Homeowner’s Story

Closet Organization FAIL.

Closet organization is not something that comes easy to most teens, but Emily is a teenager who tries her best. When a home renovation project means more stuff than space to store it, she and her mom get to work expanding the storage space in her closet.

Homeowner: Emily Doody & Her Mom Jodi Project: Closet Reorganization Budget: $100.00

Fourteen year old Emily lives with her mom and two sisters in a small town in New Hampshire. The 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath colonial is the only home Emily has ever lived in.

Emily has her own room that is filled with books, clothes,... 

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4 Easy-to-Maintain Bathroom Organization Ideas

bathroom organization ideas

So much attention is given to the prominent features in a bathroom. Heated marble floors, dual-head chrome shower heads, ultra-efficient water fixtures, and beautiful lighting are important, but there is more to the perfect bath than what you can see. 

Storage and organization can make or break an otherwise beautiful bathroom. While planning whether you want a hammered copper vessel sink or spa jets in the shower, give some thought to how the room will function. Organization isn’t always a glamorous part of the bath, but a well-organized room will make you love it even more. 

Here are four organization options... 

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How to Declutter a Kid’s Room Using Built-Ins

how to declutter with bult-ins, a great home improvement

Toys, linens, games, crafts, and crayons — a kid’s room is full of life, and full of lots and lots of small things. Without a home for everything, those belongings can overtake the room, which makes tidying up a bigger chore than it has to be. And most important, you want to learn how to declutter with storage your kids will find easy to use. 

Toy boxes and storage tubs are one way to house the things in your kid’s room, but they take up a lot of floor space. With built-ins, you get lots storage, but keep plenty of floor... 

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Laundry Storage: Why You Should Stick with Cabinets Above Your Washer/Dryer

laundry storage is a great home improvement

There’s something to be said for a more traditional approach to the laundry room, including storage above the machines. A top-load washer doesn’t have to look dated. Many new models are undeniably modern, with sleek lines and as many wash cycle options as a front load set and room for laundry storage on the wall above. 

Front-load washers and dryers with storage platforms on the bottom are all the rage. They’re beautiful, no denying that. Think of all the colors — metallic reds or blues, pearlescent silvers, and don’t forget basic black or white. They’re efficient, too but don’t be... 

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Conquer Clutter in an Open Floor Plan Home

home improvement tips

Ahh, the open floor plan. It’s spacious, airy, bright … and cluttered in a matter of minutes if you don’t have a strategy. That’s why it’s important to have a plan to avoid creating clutter in an open floor plan home.

Remember why you love an open floor plan. They’re popular with homeowners who who prefer a spacious look and feel. The problem is that when one thing is out of place in the living room, you can see it from the foyer, dining room, and probably the kitchen, too. Suddenly the living room’s clutter is visible in every adjoining space. 


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4 Laundry Room Ideas You Won’t Want to Hide

laundry room ideas

The laundry room might be the last place you’d think about decorating, but the trend now is to take this utilitarian space and turn it into something beautiful. You don’t need an expensive front-load laundry set, either as we’ll show you with these laundry room ideas. If your washer and dryer leave something to be desired appearance-wise, you can always freshen them up using appliance paint or colorful, appliance-grade epoxy paints. 

A note about painting appliances. You’ll need to scuff the surface lightly using superfine-grit sandpaper, then apply appliance paint primer, and then paint. Stencils let you add designs such as... 

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3 Ways to Take Control of Your Closets

take control of your closets means cleaning out & organizing

Are your closets out of control? Do you worry that a visitor might open the wrong door while looking for the bathroom, and find herself under a pile of coats, hats or sports equipment? Or you can’t even close your bedroom closet door? If you’re ready to take control of your closets, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our closets can take on lives of their own. Once the door is closed, it’s anyone’s guess what’s inside. If your closets are miniature storage areas with little rhyme and no reason, the best place to start over is with a clean... 

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Organize Your Kitchen Drawers Once and For All

home improvement tips include organizing your kitchen drawers

The traffic that flows through through your kitchen every day makes this room really tough to keep organized. And you might even think your kitchen is organized, when the counters are clear but it’s too easy to through things into a drawer just to hide them. But if you create a plan to organize your kitchen drawers, everything you need will be exactly where you want it, when you want it. 

Whole-room kitchen organization can be a major undertaking. Everything clean and put away isn’t necessarily efficient, so starting with a small project to organize your kitchen drawers, can make... 

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Does Your Closet Have a Floor Plan? Maybe it Should

create closet floor plans to decide where to put shelves, drawers, etc

Your home has a floor plan, and so do the rooms within it. So why not take a cue from the rest of your home and create closet floor plans? You’ll find you have more storage space than you realized, and you’ll save time finding things.

Walk-in closets are just larger versions of any other closet in your home, unless you take the time to create more storage. Before you go out and buy all sorts of organizing components, take an inventory of what’s in your closet – what you would like to keep in your closet, and create a floor... 

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Attic Organization: 4 Ideas to Get You Inspired

home improvement tips

Although a cluttered attic might be a great place for kids to explore, attic organization can make your life easier, saving you time when you need to find things stored there. 

Whatever is relegated to the attic is usually the stuff you don’t need very often, or things you’re saving for when your children get their first home … or a grandchild visits. Anything you don’t want to see every day, but still want to keep, goes in the attic until the right season or occasion rolls around. Attic organization can make it much easier to find what you need, and... 

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