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Frustrated with home maintenance questions? Concerned about spending too much money to improve your home? Home Tips for Women is your answer with information about real estate, building and remodeling houses, maintaining and decorating your home, and more. Our online community is for women homeowners who want to learn more about their homes so they can make decisions and improvements with confidence!

We’ve got some exciting changes to the website coming. There new content for homeowners, and the opportunity to share your own homeowner stories. Keep watch and send us your feedback as this site is for you, and we want to provide you with the best content available online, in a way that supports how you maintain and update your home.

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Home Ownership Experience

In today’s connected world, we are much more likely to go online instead of visiting the library or a bookstore. We type a few words, click and we get a list of websites that answer our question … right? Maybe, when it’s a subject you search for all the time and know the right keywords. When it’s something you’re less familiar with like your home, you might not know the right words to search for or which websites identified provide the information you need.

This website brings together all facets of home ownership under 1 roof, making it easier for you to find the information you want. When we don’t have answers for you, we’ll do our best to help you find the best information available online … and we encourage you to request new articles. Home ownership is a journey, a lifelong experience that may include buying and selling several homes so we’re offering information across this broad spectrum to help you:

  • Buy, sell or refinance your home
  • Build or remodel as an alternative to moving
  • Protect your investment with maintenance and repair tips
  • Furnish, decorate and organize your home to support your lifestyle
  • Find time saving services so you can relax and enjoy your home
  • … plus industry trends and hot topics like going green and energy efficiency.

Articles in our library are different from much of the information on the web. We’re not professional writers. We’re practicing home professionals, i.e. a home inspector, handyman or interior decorator. We’re sharing our expertise and look forward to interacting with and learning from you, our customers. We also invite home owners to share their stories as that’s another way of learning. Your personal stories can motivate and help others move ahead with projects that will not only transform a house, but someone’s life.

Home Pro Spotlight

Meet Gayle Sanders, home designer and founding member of the Assn of Women Home OwnersGayle Sanders – GRS Home Images, www.GRSHomeImages.com

Maybe you’re planning a small remodeling project or don’t think you can afford an architect. That’s the niche filled by home designer Gayle Sanders. She works with home owners to help them visualize their ideas using design software, Chief Architect. Gayle listens to the home owner, asking questions to clarify what they want. Then she builds a 3D model of the project and you get to view the design from multiple perspectives, i.e. as if you were standing in the room.

Featured Articles

With imagination, you can turn certain green plants into fun shapes like these green elephantsGreen Elephants and Trimming the Right Way 

Gardening is very relaxing to some people and others would rather pay someone else to keep their yard looking it’s best.  In today’s busy world, there are fewer flowering plants to brighten our day – people don’t have the time, or maybe the patience to plant and care for flowers like they did when I was younger. Get tips on trimming your shrubs from a skilled landscape architect.


farms show us where today's American homes beganWhat Farmhouses Can Teach Us 

Before the industrial revolution, most Americans lived and worked on farms. We can learn from the changes our country has gone through moving from an agricultural economy to the industrial age and today’s information age. Through adversity, Americans have learned and thrived by being flexible and open to change. Learn how our homes are changing to meet today’s challenges.


Boomers are the sandwich generationSandwich Generation at My House 

Women are caretakers and often, we don’t even realize what’s happening to us. Like other parents looking forward to the youngest child leaving home, I dreamed of starting my own business. I was surprised to realize one morning that without realizing it, I’ve joined the sandwich generation. As I wrote about “empty nesters” for this website, I didn’t see it happening to me so watch out.


Utility bills tell us energy costs are risingPreparing for Higher Energy Prices 

Americans are spoiled by today’s ridiculously low energy costs. When gas prices rose above $4.00/gal we noticed but do you realize that $4/gal is cheap compared to gas prices around the world? Energy prices will soar again so we can wait for the next scare or start changing our habits now. Learn about federal energy tax credits available through year end 2010, to help you start saving energy.


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